What is Udhyami Seed Camp?

Udhyami Seed Camp is a rigorous entrepreneurship program designed to help early stage startups and aspiring entrepreneurs to validate, refine and develop their ideas into viable businesses. This startup boot-camp intends to provide an immersive and fast paced introduction to entrepreneurship with hands-on activities and sessions. It provides participants with a deep understanding of what it is like to operate a sustainable startup business and helps them attract seed fund.

When and where will the event taking place?

The announced date for the Bootcamp is November 2020 and will be organized virtually.

What happens in Udhyami Seed Camp?

The selected teams will go through six days of intensive business skills training program where they will learn about all the basic requirements for starting a viable and efficiently functioning business. This boot camp is designed to provide the participants with all the knowledge that they would require while building their product. From market research, business model canvas and minimum viable product, everything necessary to develop the idea into a business is accounted for at Udhyami Seed Camp.

What is the duration of Udhyami Seed Camp?

Udhyami Seed Camp is a 6-day long entrepreneurship program.

After 6-day of the bootcamp, each team shall work more on their business idea for 1 month. Then after, the participated teams shall again make an investment pitch in “Demo Day” among investors and other guests.

You can apply for Udhyami Seed Camp- Women Edition 2020 at: The deadline for this edition of Udhyami Seed Camp October 2020.

What are the criteria for registering in Udhyami Seed Camp?

-Your team must have a unique and innovative idea catered for Nepal’s market.
-Your team must have at least 1 female member in the team of 2-4 members .
-You and your team members must be willing to commit their time and dedication for the entire duration of the program. 

What are the values I get from Udhyami Seed Camp?

Refine your business idea and become ready to kickstart your venture.

Check the viability of your idea in today’s market.

Develop your entrepreneurial skills and knowledge.

Widen your network and get a chance to meet some veteran entrepreneurs of Nepal.

Receive necessary tools, develop strategies and confidence needed to assess your business idea, determine feasibility and refine your business idea.

Enter a collaborative platform where you can share your inspirational stories, give insightful suggestions and altogether gather information of today’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Why Udhyami Seed Camp – Women Edition?


More than 51% of the total population of Nepal is comprised of women according to the latest statistics. Despite such a large share of population and almost 40% contribution to the economic labor force, women have been limited to household chores, traditional non-paying farm-hold jobs. The current women empowerment efforts barring a few have gone little beyond informal businesses that ensure daily survival for women.

We believe empowered women and men in entrepreneurship is the key to socio-economic transformation. And, a little bit of encouragement, exposure, opportunity, and support is all we need for the creation of a just society that grows together. Udhyami Seed Camp- Women Edition stems from our resounding belief in the power of inclusivity and entrepreneurship for sustainable socio-economic progress.

Is the bootcamp residential or not?

No, the bootcamp is not residential.

How many editions has it conducted and what are they?

Till date, we have successfully organized four editions of Udhyami Seed Camp- Women-Focused (2017), Tech Edition (2017), Tourism edition (2018) and Nabil Nari Udhyami Seed Camp (2019).


What is Udhyami Innovations?

Udhyami Innovations is a confluence for entrepreneurs, potential investors, mentors and active community builders to come together and start, build and grow businesses with the aim to create a dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystem by making entrepreneurship accessible to all. Udhyami Innovations intends to facilitate young innovators with the opportunity to learn from sector experts on how to start and operate a business as efficiently as possible.

What is the selection process?

Selection process for Udhyami Seed Camp is highly selective and based on the application, personal interviews and team dynamics among other factors. We look for teams with ideas which are sustainable and have high potential for growth.

When are the selected startups announced?

The selected team will be notified through email or phone within 4 days before the program.

How many startup teams will be selected?

We will be selecting a maximum of 20 teams (Startups). The objective of selecting 20 teams is so that each team gets maximum value from each of our mentors and different networking sessions.

Who are the mentors?

Mentors are your guides who will help you build your startup. They are seasoned entrepreneurs and experts who offer you their assistance through the Seed Camp program by utilizing their experience, knowledge and networks.

I have already prepared a prototype of my idea. Can I apply?

Yes, you can certainly apply. Building a prototype is also an initial phase of a startup and might have lot of rooms for improvement and hence our program structure will definitely be beneficial to you and your product/service development.

I don’t have a team but I have an idea, can I apply?

You must have a team of at least 2 to 4 members with at least 1 female in your team to qualify to apply. If you don’t have a team then we recommend you to look for like-minded people who share similar interests and can contribute to your initiative.

Does Udhyami Innovations sign NDA/Copyright?

No, we do not sign NDA. We believe that the success of a startup depends on the team and execution rather than the idea. We do not support or take part in the signing of any legal documents at the event and while mentors with legal background are often present and able to give general legal advice, they are not permitted to give specific legal counsel. However, we suggest founders with sensitive business ideas and models to protect their Intellectual Property rights beforehand.


Do I have to pay to apply?

No, you don’t have to pay to apply for Udhyami Seed Camp.

Do I have to pay to participate?

There is a participant’s fee of Rs. 5000/- per team member once you are selected.

Yes, you need to pay to participate in the bootcamp.

How much is the participation fee for the bootcamp?

The registration fee may vary depending upon the editions of bootcamp. However, the participation fee for  Udhyami Seed Camp 2020 is NRS 5000/ head. 

What does the participation fee include?

The participation fee includes:

Program materials, access to network with national and international top notch mentors, regular guidance from them, Certificate and participation in DEMO Day.