About Us

Udhyami Seed Camp

Udhyami Seed Camp is a rigorous entrepreneurship program designed to help early-stage startups and aspiring entrepreneurs to validate, refine, and develop their ideas into viable businesses. This startup boot-camp intends to provide an immersive and fast-paced introduction to entrepreneurship with hands-on activities and sessions. It provides participants with a deep understanding of what it is like to operate a sustainable startup business and helps them attract seed fund.

The selected teams will go through six days of intensive business skills training program where they will learn about all the basic requirements for starting a viable and efficiently functioning business. This boot camp is designed to provide the participants with all the knowledge that they would require while building their product. From market research, business model canvas, and minimum viable product, everything necessary to develop the idea into a business is accounted for at Udhyami Seed Camp.

Started in 2017, the first two editions of Udhyami Seed Camp has helped 28 teams and 71 individuals realize the Udhyamis inside them, enabled more than 40 senior entrepreneurs and experts to share their insights, provided investors opportunities to invest in the best entrepreneurial people and ideas, and directly influenced the lives of more than 2000 people through various Udhyami Talk and Udhyami 101 programs. Through Udhyami Seed Camp, 3 teams have secured investment and are now working to scale their businesses, while the other teams are either working on their businesses, pivoting their ideas, or working on new ideas.

Udhyami Seed Camp thus aims to identify some of the best idea phase startups and provide them with necessary resources to help them refine their business idea and kick-start their entrepreneurial journey.