What are the Udhyamis up to today? – Sriyog.com

By Falguni Basnet

Held in the M&S towers, the second iteration of Udhyami Seed Camp was the “Tech Edition”, and sixteen teams participated in the intensive 6-day entrepreneurship programme to turn ideas into businesses. Almost a year into launching their refined businesses, the startups have taken off in different directions. For most of them, the 6-day camp and the subsequent 2 months of follow-up sessions became a stepping stone, packed with information and guidance from experienced individuals. It accelerated their learning process, and helped them come up with polished blueprints of their businesses. Their position in the Nepali and international market today, is exemplary. The following is the second part of the four-parts series, for the second batch of Udhyami Seed Camp, where we catch up with Prakash Upreti, co-founder of Sriyog.com.

It is no secret that unemployment rates have been on the higher side, and at the same time, hiring human resources has also been increasingly challenging to employers. It is important to bridge the gap between job seekers and employers, which is exactly what Sriyog.com does. A web platform based on part-time job listings, Sriyog lists the names and numbers of job seekers and employers from over 78 growing job categories, and they plan to add more categories in the future. Anyone can freely add in their information in the sectors in which their skills lie,and anyone who is looking for any skilled workers can easily find them.


Sriyog started out with 2 members–Prakash Upreti and Ishwar Bhandari, as co-founders. Today, it has expanded its team to 11 people. Upreti had come to Kathmandu on September 2017, and found a newspaper “The Kathmandu Post” lying on the floor while he was entering the hotel room, where Udhyami Seed Camp was advertised. “The program seemed interesting and would be a great platform to meet and learn from business mentors, and so we applied. We were the very last team to get into the program.” Upreti said.


“Being from an IT Background, I was quite unfamiliar with business jargons, terms and procedures,” said Upreti. But after Udhyami, Upreti was able to create a good pitch deck, and also was able to model his business using Business Model Canvas, Value Proposition, Design Thinking, The Lean Startup, among others. “I think the most useful learning from Udhyami for me was creating a pitch deck”, he said.


After Udhyami, the startup has been serving customers from all over Nepal via google search, its website, direct phone calls, to name a few. They have changed their value proposition, and started working on their revenue streams. In June, they served 11,135 visitors. They are also planning to establish a 24/7 operating call centre and a geolocation based manpower finding system. They plan to expand their website to five Asian countries by 2022.

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