What are the Udhyamis up to today? – Sajilo Marmat Sewa

By Falguni Basnet

Twelve startups participated in the first edition of an intensive 6-day entrepreneurship guiding programme, the Udhyami Seed Camp. Almost a year since the camp, they have taken off in different directions in terms of building business models. For most of them, the 6-day camp and the subsequent 2 months of follow-up sessions became a stepping stone, packed with information and guidance from experienced individuals. It accelerated their learning process, and helped them come up with polished blueprints of their businesses. Their position in the Nepali and international market today, is exemplary. In part three of our four-part look back at the participants of Udhyami Seed Camp 2017: Women Edition, we catch up with Sujeet Regmi and his startup Sajilo Marmat Sewa which he started after the Seed Camp.


Sajilo Marmat Sewa

After Udhyami Seed Camp, in June 2017, Sajilo Marmat Sewa was launched with three services–electrical, plumbing and electronic appliance repairing. “We had been planning to open a one-stop solution for households and organizations since a long time, and background planning, as well as research for Sajilo Marmat Sewa had been going on during Udhyami as well. But nothing full-scale had begun then,” said Sujeet Regmi, Founder.


The company actually entered Udhyami as Oho Services, an all-women technician-run company, with pick and drop bike servicing services. Although this plan was dropped due to stake-related concerns, Regmi said that the idea is still alive, and after 6 months to a year, the all-women bike servicing service will be launched.


The team decided to join Udhyami mostly for the seed funding, which would be a help for their startup. But after the training program, they realized that the learning process was more important than the funding. “Our most important takeaway from the Seed Camp was not the funding, but the strengthening of networking, business tactics we learnt from the mentors such as financing, legal processes, taxes and the right time for seeking investment. And even today, the contacts we were able to obtain from Udhyami have been helping us out,” Regmi said.


After Udhyami, Sajilo Marmat Sewa has been running in full-swing, and households as well as companies have been benefiting from reliable handyman services. “The research we conducted had revealed that a one-stop professional technical solution company wasn’t prevalent in Kathmandu, and with the establishment of SMS, we have been able to provide exactly that, and cater to our clients’ needs,” said Regmi.


Currently, SMS has added more services, including painting, carpentry, laptop and desktop maintenance, computer network maintenance and so on. They started with over 200 technicians, but realized that a smaller number of technicians with sufficient work is a better option. With 5 in-house technicians and 83 plus contract-basis technicians on-board, SMS serves more than 1600 customers and 70 plus clients, either on-call, online, or with an annual maintenance contract (AMC). 12 AMCs have been signed so far which include reputed organizations like unilever, evoke restaurant, leapfrog and so on. They provide customers with a minimum of 30 days service warranty, service within 3 hours for AMCs and within 5-6 hours for other clients.

In the future, SMS plans to become the largest service market of Nepal, with a target of 100 plus services, 100+ in house technicians, 1000+ contract basis technicians. They also plan to add any other skill-based services, such as bridal makeup, or tuition classes.


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