What are the Udhyamis up to today? – Dulwa Nepal

By Falguni Basnet

Held in the M&S towers, the second iteration of Udhyami Seed Camp was the “Tech Edition”, and sixteen teams participated in the intensive 6-day entrepreneurship programme to turn ideas into businesses. Almost a year into launching their refined businesses, the startups have taken off in different directions. For most of them, the 6-day camp and the subsequent 2 months of follow-up sessions became a stepping stone, packed with information and guidance from experienced individuals. It accelerated their learning process, and helped them come up with polished blueprints of their businesses. Their position in the Nepali and international market today, is exemplary. The following is the fourth part of the four-parts series, for the second batch of Udhyami seed camp, where we catch up with Nipun Shakya, co-founder of Dulwa Nepal.


Dulwa Nepal

Nepal Tourism Board aims to attract 2 million tourists by 2020, and Dulwa Nepal, a digital information centre for tourism in Nepal, aims to have 10 percent of the 2 million to come via their website, dulwa.com. About a year before Udhyami Seed Camp, the idea of creating a website with historical, cultural and practical information on the various travel destinations of Nepal under the name of Dulwa Nepal, was born. Dulwa Nepal started out with two members, but through their website, their target audience became everybody interested in visiting Nepal.


With a software engineering background, Nipun Shakya, Co-founder of Dulwa Nepal, found himself focusing on only creating the website. “I had very little idea on monetizing the website, expanding the team, or even creating a business model for that matter. I heard about Udhyami Seed Camp through a friend, and I went in hoping I’d be able to clear my confusions regarding the business model and get past the planning stage,” he said.



Shakya wasn’t disappointed with the outcome of Udhyami. “I learnt how to expand my team, and decide on their job allocations based on their weaknesses and strengths. I also had a clear business model afterwards, and space to work on it,” he said. Today, Dulwa Nepal has five members with one new member in the development team and two more content collectors. Although their idea didn’t change even after Udhyami Seed Camp, they were able to bring Dulwa to the marketplace. Dulwa.com will be a digital platform for travel agencies as well, where they will be able to sell their tour packages. “A lot of travel agencies still haven’t been utilizing social media for selling their tour packages, so this will be a great initiative for them too,” Shakya said. Along with that, Dulwa also plans to establish a tourism information centre in the airport.

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