What are the Udhyamis up to today? – Food Mario

Entering the Udhyami Seed Camp with an unpolished plan of creating a platform for engineers and connecting them to real customers, Rohit Tiwari, Founder and CEO of Food Mario realized mid-camp, that their revenue model wasn’t clear enough, and they did not have concrete plans to sustain themselves financially. After Udhyami, a completely new business model–now known as Food Mario was prepared.

What are the Udhyamis up to today? – Sroth Code Games

Just like Haku and Gofle in Haku Run–a popular mobile-based game by Sroth Code Games–the members of Sroth Code Games have had to face several challenges, including overcoming government policies, low ad revenues in Nepal, finding publishers, and so on. Despite all that, they managed to complete 24 projects since Udhyami Seed Camp. Their business model is an ever-changing one, something that constantly adapts to the ever-changing needs of the market and has become exemplary in the Nepali business sphere.

What are the Udhyamis up to today? – Sajilo Marmat Sewa

After Udhyami Seed Camp, in June 2017, Sajilo Marmat Sewa was launched with three services–electrical, plumbing and electronic appliance repairing. “We had been planning to open a one-stop solution for households and organizations since a long time, and background planning, as well as research for Sajilo Marmat Sewa had been going on during Udhyami as well. But nothing full-scale had begun then,” said Sujeet Regmi, Founder.

What are the Udhyamis up to today? – KD Oil Group

Kalpana Maharjan, from KD Oil Group, learnt about Udhyami Seed Camp from Kantipur’s weekly supplement, Koseli. She was immediately intrigued by what it had to offer, and was able to find the contact person’s details. A 35-year-old family-run mustard oil business, Maharjan named it KD Oil Group so she would be able to participate in Udhyami.