Nabil Nari Udhyami Camp

With the growth of technology, many new young entrepreneurs are also emerging. While most have successfully implemented their idea then some are still searching medium and mentor to peach their idea. So, in order to give support to the business ideas people, Nabil Nari Udyami Seed Camp 2019 has been organized with a tagline ‘Turn your idea into a business’. The main motive of enrolling and getting selected to the camp is to get an opportunity to refine your idea, learn from experts, develop a business model, attract seed funds and start your business.
Nabil Nari Udhyami Seed Camp is a rigorous 6-day long non-residential business boot-camp designed for aspiring entrepreneurs, early-stage startups and entrepreneurs to refine, validate and Turn their ideas into Business where seasoned entrepreneurs, industry experts, and investors would co-ordinate as a mentor to start-up. The camp has been started from today, June 28, 2019. The whole day program from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm undergoes various idea sharing session, guidance session, network building, BMC construction and many more.
Talking about first day of ‘Nabil Nari Udhyami Seed Camp’, after the registration from 8-9 am, the orientation and welcome program has been taken place for 20 groups who were participants, followed by introduction session on Udhyami seed camp where Udyami team members briefed about what the bootcamp is, what they should expect from this and what are the activities to be carried out by participants. The introduction session has been about 15 minutes from 9:30 to 9:45 am. After the introduction by Udyami Team, c-founder/CEO of tootle, Sixit Bhatta was called as a speaker. On his delivery he started his speech with his entrepreneur journey on how he started the tootle and how many teams he had while establishing. He had said that, ‘entrepreneur is not only problem solving it is more like changing human behavior’.
He had talked about major 5 entrepreneur skills which any idea needs to convert into a business. First skill was being optimistic. He said that ability would lead to succeed or failure. It is always necessary to have faith on our own ideas and never have fear on loosing. It is because fear of losing would lead to pessimistic view and then the company would end without starting. That is why he said that ‘an entrepreneur should have optimistic view’. Second skill is the idea should be diversified. It should not be linked to only one sector but should be diversified so that your customers get to choose. Third thing an entrepreneur should have is growth mentality. You should focus on business and business model enhancement and optimize it instead of growing only on investment and branches.  The session was interactive followed by question and answer terminology where participants had asked about how we can handle the challenges, rumors, risk factors, etc. In that part of answering, Sixit Bhatta gave them the insight view of how he has been handling his company (Tootle) as well as lots of rumors being spread. He talked about his competitor ‘Pathao’ and suggested some tips on how to mitigate the challenges to be faced in coming days of business running. He also talked about the financial help he could offer.
With the use of the famous line of Mohammad Ali, ‘Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee’ he made his future plans clear as well as gave a clear understanding about how obstacle and challenges any entrepreneurs should face in running days.

With the end of the session of Sixit Bhatta, time between 11:00 – 12:30 pm was separated for all the group participants to present their business ideas and how will they proceed through the bootcamp. Later after hearing all the ideas of team members, lunch with networking session was conducted where the teams, mentors and organizers set a network and discussed the business ideas, opportunities as well as challenges on each group ideas.

The next speaker or motivator was Prayas Rajopdhya who started his session from ‘Human Relation not Human Resource’. He has talked about inspiration, emotional intelligence, leadership, conflict management, team development, Attitude learning, etc. He had also talked on how to build trust on people and about team and power. In case of his session, he had conducted various activities such as month day. It was a team management task where a certain numbers are given to solve within certain time frame but without a use of communication. And anotjer activity included guessing the weight but with communication.
Prayas Rajopdhya focused on ‘we’ building than ‘I’ taking all people on one bowl. He said that while starting anything it is always necessary to have patience because one step would never lead to success immediately there come’s lot of hurdles and challenges. He also talked about necessity of being persistence and perspiration in any business for success because hurry and vague words make people mislead your ideas and product. And at the end of his session he included the major parts to be focused while doing start-up; Activity involving money, concrete focus and advantage taken by others. Thus, he ended his session saying that startup cannot pay higher money’.
Overall the first day of campaign was very fruitful and most was about interactoive session between participants and speakers to know their ides. Two professional speakers Sixit Bhatta and Prayas Upadhaya had taught about what entrepreneurship and gave participants insight knowledge on what they should focus and how they should be while doing any start-up. ‘Ideas are necessary but how it is to be implemented and how are your team mates are most to be focused on’, it is what can be learned from first day of ‘Nabil Nari Udhyami Seed Camp 2019’.

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